Men of Little Egypt

John "Chummy" Bangs

Trust me, I'm a thatcher

John Bangs is something of an oddity in Little Egypt, if only in that he nearly comes from Norfolk. Living in Hepworth, near the Suffolk/Norfolk border, he has to travel nearly 30 miles each way for practices and performances alike. This he does unfailingly and uncomplainingly.

John is a thatcher by trade, nay a Master Thatcher, having come to that noble art from the rigours of the Metropolitan Police force of London. Inevitably, with that background, he spins a good, and lengthy, yarn. Ask him sometime about his trip to Sidmouth, or how he climbed Ben Nevis, but leave plenty of time.

John also has a reputation as Mister Fixit. It was he who masterminded our highly-successful 1996 Christmas dinner and 1997's assault on the peace and quiet of the Norfolk Broads. In 1996, at the Ramsholt Arms, he organised for us to have Sausage and Chips, but that's another story ...

In 1998, he was instrumental in preparing for and executing our immensely successful and enjoyable trip to the West of Ireland.



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