Little Egypt On Tour: 19 June 1999

In the dim and distant past, 1992 to be precise, a group of like-minded individuals, citizens of the fair village (and formerly town - according to the local government legislation of 1902) of Glemsford banded themselves together in a second attempt to form a Morris Dancing side, to entertain the patrons of the church fête. Thus started a tradition.
Every year since then we have celebrated the anniversary of our creation with a tour by decorated tractor and trailer to the neighbouring villages of Clare and Cavendish (except the year Peter forgot the tractor - but we don't talk about that).
So it was in 1999.

Leaving Park Farm in the bright sunshine of a warm June morning, we set off on the first leg of our annual odyssey accompanied by the rousing tones of Martin Barrett's melodeon and a bunch of Haverhill Harlots.

Leaving the Farm

We travelled first to Clare, via Water Lane and the A1092, waving cheerily to the passing motorists. Those who followed us waved back: we think the gesture meant "That's twice we've seen you".

When we arrived in Clare

Descending from on high
, we were joined by Mark Mikurenda and a strange ferret-like creature who emerged from an estate agent's shop, and turned out, on closer examination, to be Tommo. We also encountered some strangely-dressed individuals enacting some strange medieval ritual.
Excuse me, fair maid ...

Both Little Egypt

Dancing at The Bell
and the Haverhill Harlots
Vim ...and vigour.
danced with Vim and Vigour.
With the good burghers left sated and gasping for more, we headed back to Cavendish where we danced at
The George Inn Sign
"The George"
Arty shot
before moving on to "The Bull" for more dancing, and lunch.

Thence we made made our way back to Glemsford, and "The Angel", for more dancing and ale. And so to the church fête for our anniversary celebrations.

Saturday evening was taken up with an immensely successful Barn Dance and barbeque.

Of that, more details and photos can be found here


The Rest of the Morris


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