In the new beginning ...

Four years after our faltering first steps had tripped into oblivion, word spread that another side was needed for the Church fête of 1992.

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And so it was that the real Morris Men of Little Egypt came into being.

Once again, the driving force was Founder Fred, ably assisted by John Aldous.

This time we do have an accurate record of the founding members. They were:

Two additional members were quickly recruited:

From May, we held regular practices in preparation for the Church fête, using the Church Hall, and later, Peter's barn.
Our first performances wre held on Saturday 11 July, 1992, appropriately at the Black Lion, and at the Church.
Observant readers will notice immediately subtle differences in the appearance of the 1992 version, compared both with 1988 and today.

Our Kit, 1992

As these close ups reveal, our kit was a mixture. Still there from '88 were the Cotswold whites. Gone were the green crossbelts, replaced by a red and purple mix, with a badge representing the palm tree of Little Egypt, for we had already decided that our name was to be "The Morris Men of Little Egypt". Our festooned hats were there too, but note the first appearance, in the hat ribbons, of our now-traditional "three blues and a yellow". This motif was repeated in our new bellpads, and, this time, we acquired proper Morris and loud bells.

Our early repertoire included, necesarily, mostly the same dances we had learned before. In fact, this picture is an historical rarity, because it shows us dancing Bean Dibbing.

The pleasure with which this re-formation was greeted gave us all a great boost. Right from the start, we got deeply into the spirit of the Morris. Right from the start, Doods started singing:

After our first outing, we called a meeting in the Black Lion, and decided to keep going this time. We put together an informal constitution, on the basis of not dancing out more than once a month, and doing it for fun. The second article has, at least, been kept to.

Neville Parry was duly elected squire, and off we went.
Somewhere along the line we have picked up waistcoats, a lot of new members, a lot of friends, and vast amounts of fun.

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