The Saga of the Sound System

This is an archive entry, kept for purposes of research:originally dated December 1998

Mo has always been in the forefront of popular entertainment. Cribbage, darts and good conversation are always available at The Angel.

She amazed us all by installing a tape player years before such new-fangled technology made its way into the local Folk Museum.

So, we were mind-boggled when something called a Compact Disc player took its place behind the bar. How we revelled in the sounds of The Beatles and Neil Young. How we gasped when "Boogie Down For Christmas" began blasting from across the bar.

But then other sounds began to be heard, like "Oh s**t," and "Why won't the b****y thing play?". For, lo, the Luddite spirit of The Angel was obviously at work. The cassette-thingy that supposedly allows for something called "multi-play" and "random selection" (a description more fitting for the Darwinian nature of Glemsford's population, some would say) kept going wrong. Discs kept disappearing into the works. My favourite Jennifer Warnes album "Famous Blue Raincoat" was not seen for weeks.

Mo summoned technological help in the form of Colin "Old Salty" Phillips, whose electronic expertise has previously been used in service with the Royal Navy, and his trusty screwdriver. But even his repairs were temporary.

"Leave it to me," said Laurence. So we did. And we haven't seen the machine since ... .

Temporary respite came in the form of a "portable radio", but Radio Suffolk has a limited appeal to us seekers after 1990s style comfort. Then a knight in shining armour, in the form of Mark Godfrey, appeared to loan Mo his hi-tech system.

The only trouble is that it depends on a remote control device, which Mo finds difficult to work while holding a Tia Maria in one hand and the Christmas takings in the other. In any case, the spirit doesn't like gadgets, so ...

...the saga continues.

The latest move in this saga is that, as of 14 January 1999, Mo's got herself a brand new machine, and it seems to work. That nice Roger person has altered the shelving so that the constant rattling of the till does not upset the complex workings of the new beast. We'll see about that.

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