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Salute the Quiz Team

Aunty Wainwright's Cherubs

Three Just Men; the fourth holds the camera

Between October and April, for longer than anyone can remember, gallant regulars of The Angel have been taking part in the local brewery's winter quiz league.

This winter has been no different.

In past years, the team has variously won the League and finished as runners-up. One year, we famously made it through to the knock out stages and were only deflected from a place in the final by a very good team from Colchester.

This year, we lost too many games early on to challenge for the title or the play offs. Despite our best ambitions, we lost two matches to the league's imitators of Manchester United, the C Team from The Waggon and Horses in Sudbury - yes we loathe them almost as much as the Red Devils from the north.

The team in 1997- 1998 usually comprised John aka Chas "I hate Tottenham- and Madonna - and Norwich" Chandler. Trevor "Where Did You Get That" Hatt, Andrew aka Paddy "I've Been to Barbados" Plumb and Steve "I Support Wimbledon, you know" Clarke. Keeping them all in check as question reader, time keeper and scorer has, normally been Marilyn "Don't Call Me Thora" Clarke.Thora the Scorer

Highlights of last season

New Season: 1998 - 1999

The new 1998 - 9 season began with an atmosphere of change. It looked as though Paddy and Chas had deserted us, so new blood was requisitioned in the shape, variously, of Steve "I'm a metallurgist" Plumb, Sid "I rebuild Messerschmitts" Watkinson and Tony "Dead Arm" Ward.

When the first game arrived, Chas appeared from nowhere, but was too late, having missed pre-season training, to take part in the first couple of games. Unfortunately, we lost our first couple of games, to "The Waggon 'A'" and "The Swan", so swift managerial decisions were called for, since when we have not looked back, including a massive victory over the Lavenham "Greyhound" and a hard fought win over the Hadleigh "Ram". The return of Chas has been warmly welcomed as well as effective.

We were handily placed to vie for the league title in the second half of the season.

The New Year (1999) began equally promisingly with victories over The Crown at Acton (Suffolk, not Ealing) and a spectacular win over the Black Lion.

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