The swifts have gone. Nights draw in. Another page of Angel history is about to be turned.

The Continuing Story of The Angel: The Taylor Era

October 7, 2001

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Lest there be any doubt, these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. Jan 'n' Dave know all about it, but in no way have any say in the content, nor control over it. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.

Recent newcomers to this news page must appreciate that the latest news is the first you read; after that, you slip gently back in time.

The End of an Era

This special edition of The Angel News Page has been produced to mark the departure of Jan 'n' Dave to pastures new and Norfolk.
They go with the very best wishes of all the regulars, for future success, good health and a reasonable bunch of drinkers wherever they next make landfall.

Apart from having maintained exceptionally high standards of barmanship, in dealing with a disparate (some would say desperate) band of imbibers, they have successfully preserved the essential qualities of this very special pub and, by no means least, of the quality of the Real Ale.

No one really knows what the future holds for the pub. We hope it will continue largely unchanged, but uncertainty is never nice.

It needs to be recorded, and here is as good a place as any, that in the current and recent climate in the licensed trade, a village like Glemsford is very fortunate in having so many pubs.
When Mo left the pub, there was a serious concern that, without a permanent tenant, the place would be closed to concentrate the brewery's assets in their other two outlets.
Jan 'n' Dave arrived as part of a holding operation; in different hands, The Angel could have been left to run down to final closure.
That hasn't happened, and the continued prosperity of the establishment is Jan 'n' Dave's lasting tribute.

Thank you both, very much indeed.

A review of the last two years

It seemed appropriate, at this point, to move all the recent news to the archive pages and to present here a summary of the headlines which have been the talking points of pub life.

One More Time: "Shut Your Gob"

Memories of Dave's clarion call

Après moi, le déluge

Flood cleans the bar carpet

Lifting the Rafters

Success for the Angel team in the Sudbury raft race

Crib Team Begins in Style

They lost

Ivan the Magnificent

He won

Eau to be in England

Jonathan and Robert go foreign

Go North Young Man

Neil goes North, but doesn't

Home Thoughts from Abroad

Old Salty in exile

A Gathering of Exiles

Some of them return

The Angel: Cosmopolitan Melting Pot of East Anglia

Says it all

Crib team on brink of disaster

There's a surprise

Quiz: the final table.

We lost

Chas. the superdad.

Number 4

Crib Team Win at last

What a surprise

Quizzers Lose It At the Last


Old Salty Abandons Ship

The Swiss adventure

Young Whipper Snapper Braves Raw Meat Embargo

Neil tries Ireland: guilty

Quality Tested: Sunday Lunchtime Specials

Snack time

Cribbers Maintain Reputation; Quiz Team Surges Up the Table

Same old story

Crib Team Sex-Change Parrot in Egg Laying Sensation

You don't want to know

How the Mechanic from Lynn came to Glemsford and caused an Uproar

Gambling tales

Robert Hunts The Joker

But he failed

The Name's Changed, but the Character's the same.

Reflections on Jim's baldness

I hear you rattling

Old Mother's arrival habits

Old Mother Who?


Crib Team in Norwich-style start to season - now there's a real surprise.

Carrow Road-style tribulations

Haircuts and other sartorial points

Says it all

The Paxo Kid revealed

Of this memories are made

Goodbye, and Good Luck

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