Ave atque Vale

Ale and Farewell

The May Day Bank Holiday weekend (May 1st - May 4th, 1998) has been a mixed one for The Angel regulars.

Of particular note has been the final appearance, behind the bar at least of Elaine, aka Lainey, who is departing to a new alliterative career patiently and probably painlessly packing petfood. We all wished her luck, over and over again, and will doubtless meet her the right side of the bar, when she will find out just what we have to put up with.

Her replacements (one barmaid could NEVER replace her) are rumoured to be Susie and Sharon, of whom more anon as they settle into the round of coarse insults that regularly ring round the bar.

Another newcomer to the bar this weekend was a barrel of Marstons Pedigree, as part of Aunty Wainwright's never-ceasing quest to make extra profits out of us hard-pressed drinkers. We'll see. Personally, I'm waiting for the arrival of gallons of Gale's HSB from Horndean. Then we shall know the true value of "guest beers".

Saturday also saw a return visit as live entertainers of Mo's House Band, Devil's Dream, who regularly practise in the dining room. Possibly best described as a Bluegrass-Celto-Folkrock combo, they make some nice noises, particularly when driven on by thumping bass and a well-played electric violin. "The Devil Came Down To Georgia" inspired Trevor to sway gently at the bar and demand an encore, while that stock-in-trade favourite of every inebriated would-be Irishman, "Wild Rover" had him (Trevor, that is) thumping the bar with gusto. My particular favourite of the evening was the anthem of the unemployed, "Whisky on me Giro", which had Thin Lizzy fans everywhere singing along.

We are promised there is more to come.

Mo, meanwhile, was smiling serenely, and the Tia Maria took another hammering.

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