Well? All pubs are haunted, aren't they?

We have it on very good authority - none less than Mo herself - that there is a ghost at The Angel.

Since the house is late medieval, and is rumoured to have belonged at one stage to John Golding, secretary to Cardinal Wolsey, and himself a wealthy and important clothier in the village, most of us feel that a spirit of haunting may come from that period.

The "presence" takes several forms. Mo saw a figure moving about the upper floors of the pub (in the residential part). On one occasion, the figure stood watching her as she woke up, but disappeared when she challenged it. Only the uncharitable have dared suggest that it might have been the spirit of Tia Maria.

Other evidence of the existence of the ghost focuses on one particular room upstairs, used by guests. Several normally sane and (relatively) sober people have reported, independently, the malfunction of mechanical and electrical equipment in that room. Watches and clocks, for instance, fail to work there. Trying to set up a PC is a nightmare. There is a feeling about the room, they report.

Manifestations downstairs are less common, but there have been occasions when, particularly at quiet times, those present have had the impression that someone else has come into the pub, but on looking have seen no-one.

Latest News: The Spirit Welcomes Newcomers

10 July 1998

Angel House (the left hand part of the Angel hall house) has recently acquired new occupants. As soon as they moved in, they were reporting to Mo that strange noises and movements had been heard during the night. The cynics would say that this was an indication that some guests in the pub might have outstayed their welcome, but we regulars know different. Watch this space for further updates on the activities of Glemsford's oldest resident.

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