Characters of The Angel

Note: this is an historical page, originally created in April '98. The detail is now out of date: (see the news pages), but I've left it here for the sake of the archives.

First and foremost, behind the bar you will (more than likely) find the mainstay of The Angel.

Salute Mo, the hero of The AngelMo herself is often on duty, when not visiting her new grand-daughter.

Mo is known by other names, too, most of them polite. She is described, frequently, as "Aunty Wainwright", after the character in "Last of the Summer Wine", on the grounds that few who enter The Angel ever leave without buying a good deal more than they intended.

When Mo goes on holiday, she leaves the pub in capable hands. Last year, she swanned off to the Ardeche - so who did we get? Paul Jaques, that's who. ...

..."strange news is brought to town, strange news is carried ..." and there was a nasty rumour flying round that the Barmaid from Hell was taking her annual holidays from the Petfood Industry to return to pass amongst us with a cheery smile and a flowing insult: Lainey Love: The Revenge of Angel Lane

Oh, Deep Joy.

That lot, however, didn't last long. Elaine's gone back to the biscuit and the liver.

Mo's weekday, workaday helpers these days are Jenny and the ubiquitous Paul. Still, mustn't grumble ...

We've even regained the services (if that's the right word) of Steve Brett.

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