Mo Makes Her Marque

Special ceremony at The Angel

Archive material: for research purposes Originally posted October 1998

As recorded elsewhere, the excellence of Mo's beer is well-known. She has recently been rewarded for this excellence by recognition by Cask Marque,

a beer mat
an independent organisation dedicated to rooting out and celebrating Good Ale. The process involved several anonymous visits by inspectors who rate the beer against several criteria. It is interesting that the fewer the number of beers offered by a pub, the better they will be kept. Specialism, you see. And Mo specialises.

Mo celebrates
For her skill, Mo now has a plaque on the wall, a certificate, special beer mats and even more admiring customers. We hope this award will not result in a group of anoraks arriving to sample half a pint in two hours, lightly-sipped through a straw (it hasn't so far), but we all agree the award is very well-deserved. Long may the quality continue.

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