Welcome to The Angel, Glemsford's oldest pub,

The centre of life in the village
and one of Glemsford's oldest buildings.

The pub probably takes its name from a small carving to be found on the outside post of the adjoining house. The carving, beautifully done but difficult to photograph,

St Michael, on Angel House
is said to represent St Michael. It is, with no facetiousness intended, an historical masterpiece. Everyone assumes that originally, the pub and the house next door were a single, hall-house, building.

This page is an unofficial site, dedicated to and maintained by enthusiasts for this fine example of an English village pub.

Although the page had the blessing of the former licensee, Mo Frost, and the present incumbents, Jan and Dave Taylor have contributed too, it is maintained totally independently of them, and they can take no responsibility for its contents.

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