Men of Little Egypt

Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew, by Tommo

More details of a New Wave Morris Man;
I hope more will follow.

Andrew is one of the newest members, having messed with Neville's Press Gang at the Black Lion on Boxing Day 2003.
(Always a dodgy move. Ed.)
He is taking early retirement from the RAF (not pushed, honestly) to do something else and is currently keeping his options very open!
As a rookie dancer, Andrew made the school boy error of using Blu-tack to stick his bells on, and was quite surprised when they all fell off at The Star at Lidgate.
(Bad news, as anyone who's had their bells fall off will tell you.)
He has tried to redeem himself by calling White Ladies Aston, but his most frequent call is "That's not how they do it on the video!"
(Like, on the video, they do it at correct speed without stopping for a breather after two-thirds of the dance)
Still enthusiastic, but it's early days yet…



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