Men of Little Egypt

Alasdair North

Yet another new biography.
Where will this end??

Alasdair hails from across the border in Essex, and was recruited to Little Egypt after a chance meeting with a dodgy electrician in the autumn of 2002.

As an aspiring musician, he lugs around his ebay melodeon, but rarely plays more than three bars before losing the plot ... thus establishing himself as a potential dancer with MMLE.

He is a self-confessed ebay addict and often arrives with and armful of gear that he then tries to flog at outrageous prices.

By "gear", he assures me he only means what you might get at the average car boot sale. Any vaguely hippy, sixties connotation of the word is to be ignored.

He recently married Harriet in his home parish of Liston, to the dulcet tones of the Little Egypt band and Morris dancing on the village green.
Some people will do anything to gain admission to MMLE.

A furtive folky, and a Bob Copper wannabe, he has been spotted passing on surreptitious copies of Fairport Convention albums, under plain cover, on practice nights. We await his version of "Tam Lin" with bated breath.
Squire Neville often sheds a tear to Alasdair's rendition of "Over the Hills and Far Away"; the rest of the side sheds a tear anyway.



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