Goodbye, Mark

Mistily wistful

Tuesday 20 July, 1999 was a sad day in the annals of Little Egypt.
Mark Mikurenda, for some years now our melodeon player, appeared at our final practice with him before his departure for a new job in Wiltshire.
We will miss him ...

Just how much is best quantified by a list of his contributions to our activity:

  • Master musician
  • Bringer of new dances - not least, "Swaggering Boney"
  • Pub musician and singer: "High Barbary" will take some work by the rest of us now.
  • Driving force behind the Stour Valley/Little Egypt Mummers
  • Driving force behind the Horkey Band
  • Constant nag and exhorter to better performance
  • Always there - even when it rained
Even when it rains
Horkey Band

We wish Mark (and Ann and Bethany) all the best. No doubt another lucky side in Dorset will soon be reaping the benefit. Our loss is, sincerely, their gain.

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