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Boxing Day 1995: Little Egypt Do It In Style

It Was Always Thus

The pictures on this page have been recovered from a fairly battered set of negatives.
Rather than work through them in any sort of order or detail, I present them as yet another document of Little Egypt's progress.

It is however worth recording that the last photo represents the beginning of the tradition of Toasting the Hoingker, after our successful visit to Germany.

As with all things connected with Boxing Day, the co-stars of the event are Neville's Path and Neville's Shed.

Over the years, many have trodden the Path, many have entered the Shed.

Few have regretted the experience.

Pictures of the actual dancing in 1995 will appear on the next page.

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  • Background Music: "John Barleycorn"
  • Sequenced by John Renfro Davis
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Gathering  Derek Southgate 
Doods and Roger
Toasting the Hoingker 
His Fredness 
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