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August 2005

The Angel:
from "May to Nearly September"

Back in the good old days

The Angel: A Digest of news, views and libel covering events of the last 3 months.

After an absence enforced by the need to make money, and by the welcome arrival of the first of the Next Generation:
the catching up process begins.

The new Mrs Currie reported in June:
Not sure if we previously mentioned that the Angel quiz team are involved in a Spring League?
Well, this knock-out covers a large area, and they play each other twice, one home, one away match on alternate weeks.
The Angel are now through to the semi-final, having played and beaten the Gardeners Arms, Tostock, The Globe, Clare, The Angel, Debenham, and the Brewers Arms, Ipswich.
They played away to a team in Cambridge last week, and this Sunday will determine who goes through to the Final, which could possibly be in Witney!
Watch this space!
(I'm not sure what the outcome was, but will update as soon as I've heard, and include this here for historical interest.)

As Darth Porter suggested in his last notes, June 11 was to be a fairly special day at The Angel.
So, apparently, it turned out.
Mrs Currie, again:
Although it was still Saturday when we got home, (just), we nevertheless still feel a bit 'woolley' after yesterday's celebrations, which began at 4 p.m. in the garden and car park of the Angel.
The Glemsford Breeze had gone away for a few days, but appeared to have sub-let to one of its Siberian cousins, who crept slowly and stealthily into our bones, and was particularly felt by those of us who have fewer layers of insulation these days to keep us warm in the middle of June!
The music for the earlier part of the day, from about 4.30 until 7, was provided by local band "The Fallen". ... They were very good, and we have been assured that if we liked them, we will certainly enjoy Iron Maiden in Paris on 25th June - only 50 times louder! (They will be a number of us travelling to Paris from the Angel, with the "Iron Maiden Fan Club!")
As this was a party to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Kevin and Paula taking over The Angel, they very kindly supplied the food:
- ribs, sausages, french bread, salads and a very tasty pig-roast (at least, we think it was - unless someone had climbed into the barbeque to keep warm!)
To show their appreciation, people made donations to a collection for Glemsford First Responders.
Those that 'missed out' had the collection bucket thrust at them later on by 'yours truly', until they 'coughed up!'

So, half-time arrived at about 7-ish, and I went home for a while, turned on the central-heating and wrapped myself in a blanket in front of the TV to watch Doctor Who and recover from hypothermia!
When I returned, Patrick was very kindly keeping a seat warm for me in the bar, and Porcus Rex was setting up to entertain us for the remainder of the evening.
Oh! How we danced!
(Not me personally)
Oh! How we sang!
(Yeah, guilty of that one)
and we were hugely entertained in true Porcus Rex style, as enjoyable as ever.
Those assembled were very reluctant to let him go, but the poor man had only been drinking tea and water all night, had a converted ambulance to load up with his equipment, and also pleaded 17 Jack Russells to feed (hmm, slight exaggeration, methinks.)
The highlight for me was "King of the Fairies," every bit as good as the original ('Horselips' in the 1960's, wasn't it? Please correct we on spelling and dates - I was very young!) and superb violin playing from Mr. McGurk. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, although I was quite warm by then. You will probably receive a report from Darth (Pass Me The Sick Bag) Snapper, to say that Porcus had a reponse from the audience when he asked if anyone was 'In Love'.
I'm very proud to admit that it was us again!

As predicted, I have received notes on this event, and others, from his Darthship.

Strangely, he draws a veil of this last incident:

Kevin and Paula's anniversary on taking over the pub/Kevin's birthday celebratory day on June 11 was a roaring success, despite the near-arctic cold of the English Summer and the fact that Dave Bonner decided to 'help' the pig-roasters by taking on the job of chief crackling preparer.
As mentioned before a pig was roasted, its family will be pleased to know that it didn't die in vain as it was delicious.
Plenty of live music was also in evidence. First up were the Fallen, featuring Angel regulars Ben and Stevie Gardiner playing a set of hard and fast rock covers from the last 30 years, highlights including a storming take on 'Boys of Summer', a rip-roaring 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' and a mercifully incident free charge through 'Enter Sandman'.
A good sized crowd stood and shivered as the band belted out their set in aforesaid chilly conditions, cheers chaps and chapess, a quality set.
Porcus Rex was up next, a set which your correspondant did not witness due to a prior engagement elsewhere, although reports back from regulars reported that the Angel was "heaving".

Unless, of course, his reference to the Angel "heaving" is what Mrs C meant. ...

Thanks both.

Domestic Bliss

Meanwhile, other things have been happening, too.
I received, for instance, an anonymous email from Debra in Texas:


Darth reports further:

The holiday season is in full swing.
Tony Ward has been to Austin, Texas and put on a stone during said holiday, another terrible holiday then Wardie?
Bill and Sharon Porter went for a fortnight's cruise round the Med and Jimmy Whittle has been to the Italian Lakes.
Jimmy reports that he has had a '******* marvellous ******* time, it's ******* lovely over there'

Says it all, really.

Back in the mists of time, the Angel building, not to mention spirit, has claimed several casualties.
The stairs are a particular hazard.
It was thus with a tingle on the back of the neck that I read the following:

Shortly following that [anniversary] weekend Kevin paid three visits in quick succession to West Suffolk Hospital. The first visit, for an operation which I shall not divulge details of, suffice to say that it has not yet been confirmed if the surgeon said at any point during proceedings 'just a small prick'.
The next visit followed on shortly afterwards when in the course of bringing the till tray downstairs mine host slipped and fell down the stairs. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your viewpoint) the only injury sustained was a fracture to the ankle, initially not plaster casted.
(Just as long as the till wasn't damaged, eh?)
One week later Kevin was back at WSH for plaster casting.
Hey ho. Pity they didn't spot it first time round.

Another Angel regular to go under the knife recently was Alan Toner, who had a back operation.
Both gentlemen are now recovering well to the point where Kevin and Alan were able to play each other at darts recently. Kevin won this match and was heard to remark "Alan I can even beat you standing on one leg".

A host of Angel regulars recently went to Paris to see veteran long haired noisy buggers, Iron Maiden, a good time was reported by all. Mrs C. has provided photographic evidence: see the photos here.

I have also to include this little bit of personal news, from Darth himself:

On the personal front, my travel plans are on hold indefinitely due to the imminent arrival at some point in the village of the lovely Lisa and son, Reece, who are moving down to Glemsford from sunny Manchester in order to shack up with me.
Paula, Mother and myself have begun teaching her to play crib and we anticipate her memorising key cribbing phrases such as 'well if you don't get the cards...' and 'Well MY table won' very soon.

Good on you Darth and Lisa and Reece.
My very best wishes.

Many and genuine thanks to all my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me.

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