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April and May 2005

The Angel: April/May 2005

Back in the good old days

The Angel: Forthcoming Events, New Glories and Observations

Latest Angel developments...

Firstly, for the last time, The Young Whippersnapper Reports

Summer appears to be coming to Glemsford.
The recent good weather recently prompted Hazel to wear a mini skirt behind the bar.

Any rumours that Jimmy Whittle was 'accidentally' dropping things behind the bar so that Hazel had to bend over are just malicious gossip. And anyway, if he dropped his wllaet it would probably dent the floor.

Tony Ward has been to Cuba. Apparently Fidel has sent his regards to Roy Porter along with the comment "Where's that fiver I lent you in 1962?".

Further news of the Five 'o Clock club:
apparently Jimmy Whittle and Tony Ward have sadly not offered their names as candidates for election to Parliament.
A crying shame, as many of us had been having visions of Paxman in the Newsnight studio saying to his man on the scene
"So when you took out the swearing, what did the right honourable member for West Suffolk have to say on the subject?" and the reply coming back
"errr ... absolutely nothing Jeremy".

The Cherry Tree is under new management.
The village word is that 'Tex-Mex cuisine' is coming to the People's Republic of West Suffolk.

Ipswich Town FC continue to dictate the moods of various regulars.
The 6-0 stuffing of Nottingham Forest was received raptourously by Mother and Ageless Will.
The defeat away at Wolves and draw at home to Sunderland less so.

Blue moons over Glemsford department:
Will using the words "I see Norwich did well at the weekend".
Tony Ward and Jimmy Whittle conversing without swearing.
Four leaf clovers.
All of these are seen more frequently in Glemsford than what occured at around 6:30 on the evening of the 20 April, 2005.
Your correspondant was just polishing off a drink and preparing to leave when a fresh frothing pint was deposited in front of him.
Kevin's explanation 'It was a mistake, I've pulled that one by accident, it's FREE'.
I was so taken aback that in the finest traditions of the News of the World, I made my excuses and left.

Tom Robinson's gig at the Angel (19 March) was a cracking one. Certainly the best your correspondant has seen him play.
Casual view of th ebar and Tom's band
The three piece band playing jazz, blues and the odd Tom Waits cover. Highlight of the night? Either Tony Ward being quiet throughout the gig or Tom's rendition of "Like A Rolling Stone".

Congratulations to Rose and Paul on securing the Angel's first(and so far only) trophy of the year in the crib doubles.

As noted in the guestbook, Lisa and best friend Amy paid Glemsford a visit, with Amy coming out of the weekend being remembered by more Angel drinkers of the middle aged and lecherous persuasion than she cares to recall (names omitted to protect the guilty), the fact that she's blonde, pretty and chose to wear a low cut top to the Angel on Kebab Night is purely coincidental.

Lisa reports having thoroughly enjoyed her weekend in Suffolk, despite having been taken to Eastern's in Sudbury on Saturday night.
Note for foreigners and long-term Glemsford ex-pats. AFC Sudbury sing a song at opposing teams that goes "You couldn't score in the Eastern".
This should tell you all you need to know about the place.

Apologies to anyone and anything that I might have missed out.

Thanks muchly 'Snapper.
It should be pointed out that, having submitted this copy, the erstwhile Young Whippersnapper departed for a long rest in Cyprus (travelling, as you do, via Manchester) to celebrate his birthday on 25 April.
I am grateful to his Mum and Mrs Porous for this intelligence.
I suppose the fact that the birthday in question ends in an 0 and has a number greater than 2 at the beginning means that the title of Young Whippersnapper passes into oblivion until someone else takes it over.

Music at The Angel

As reported last time, Kevin and Paula are setting out a programme of occasional gigs for the next few months, so forewarned is fore-armed:

  • 28 May: Jeff Slater: "Rock guitarist and vocals"
  • 11 June: 4 p. m. -The Falling: "Rock Band"
    9 p. m. Porcus Rex "Celtic Rock"
  • 27 August: Jeff Slater: "again"
11 June is the Paula 'n' Kevin Anniversary Gig. Special conditions about admittance may apply.
Watch this space.

Alex Murkin's appearance at the Angel on 23 April (St George's Day) provided suitably raucous entertainment for a goodly crowd there gathered.
Your correspondent on this occasion, in 'Snappers absence, was yours truly, thanks to the kind offices of Mr and Mrs Porous, who not only accommodated us on another trip south, but also reserved seats for us, right next to the speakers.

Where did you get that hat?

Mr Murkin, an obviously Essex lad, kept the bar entertained throughout the evening with some pretty dazzling keyboard work and some enterprising backing tracks.

The evening was also Danny Gardiner's birthday, so festivities went with a real swing, and even more so when Bonner made a belated entrance to huge rounds of applause, his arrival having been greatly foreshadowed by Mr Murkin's frequent references.
Late? Me? Never.
Safe to say that due stick was administered, and a good night was had by all, right down to the ritual waving of the flag of St George in a valiant attempt to wrestle the Turkish knight's memory back from the extremes of right wing politics in this country..

A Wandering Minstrel ...

Monday 25 April was Quite Interesting in The Angel, too, because a group of itinerant folkies who have been in the habit of enjoying a round-the-room session in the Black Lion, migrated to the Eyrie at The Angel so that the Premier League fans could enjoy their footie in peace at the Lion.
A jolly good evening ensued with many highlights, not the least of which was the Three Degrees Under's interpretation of "Lollipop".
Perhaps this may become something of a regular venture, particularly when the Darts team is away.

It could be a bit uncomfortable, else.

And finally, part of the Angel scene which the regulars, and Mother in particular, would not be without:
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Hector and Henry!

Many and genuine thanks to all my contributors.

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