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Angel News

March 2005

(amended 7 April)

The Angel: March 2005

Back in the good old days

The Angel: Forthcoming Events, Past Glories and Defeats, and Congratulations!

Music at The Angel

As has frequently been recorded, The Angel is a wonderful place for live music. Despite its relatively small size and lack of moshing space, when Music happens, it really happens.
This is true whether the performers are the occasional Wednesday night widdly-diddly Irish-style folk-cum-ceilidh band, or Porcus Rex (whose reputation spreads as far as Canada and Bures), or Tom Robinson (who is back imminently).

Kevin and Paula are setting out a programme of occasional gigs for the next few months, so forewarned is fore-armed:

  • 19 March: Tom Robinson: "He has to be heard"
  • 23 April - St George's Day - Alex Murkin: Keyboards, Singing, Wit, and Having a Go at Bonner - should be a good evening!
  • 30 April: Janet: "A blast from the past" - Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, and more, so much more. (Hang on! Not THAT Janet, surely?)
  • 28 May: Jeff Slater: "Rock guitarist and vocals"
  • 11 June: 4 p. m. -The Falling: "Rock Band"
    9 p. m. Porcus Rex "Celtic Rock"
  • 27 August: Jeff Slater: "again"
11 June is the Paula 'n' Kevin Anniversary Gig. Special conditions about admittance may apply.
Watch this space.

"Sport" at The Angel

Don't blame me, I only publish this stuff.
Sport at the Angel comprises: Beer Mat Tossing, running a book on how many "f" words Ward can get into a single sentence, guessing the length at which Will will finally get his hair cut, Opening the Peanut Packet without Spilling Any, D*rts and G**f.

Mr L'Estrange (that's Kevin in a posh accent) has sent me the following report.

I don't understand a word of it, but I suppose it must mean something to someone.

On Monday 14 March, The Angel Golf Society held their first outing at the Brett Vale Golf Club.
14 people turned out.
The Roll of Honour was as follows:
  1. with 44 Stapleford points - Mark Ruane
  2. with 40 Stapleford points - Garthy
  3. with 35 Stapleford points - Jimmy Whittle
The 28 Handicap Shield Competition:
1st, with 31 Stapleford points - Kevin L'Estrange
Longest drive - Mark Ruane
Nearest the Pin - Garthy

So there you are. Well done, each.

Other News

  • Keeping the best till nearly last, it is our great delight to record news of the marriage of 2 relatively recent Angel stalwarts (except when they're dieting).
    On 4 March, at the Bull, Long M*lford, Pauline McCulloch married Patrick and thus became Mrs Currie, hereinafter to be known as Mrs Porous.
    Hearty congratulations to the pair of them (and about time too).
  • Fudge has been ill, but I am expecting full reports on the Kebab Club soon.
  • 'Snapper has not gone to Oz yet. Apparently the parole system has changed.
  • On that subject, Lisa in Manchester has made an entry on the Guest Book.
    Welcome, Lisa.
    Rumour has it that she's not been too keen on some of my background colours. I hope the alterations I've made for this edition look a bit better.
  • The final quiz league table has been published. I tried to borrow it from the organisers but couldn't, so you can visit it here.
    The Angel didn't win.
    I will try to get a Little Egypt-friendly version set up as soon as I can. Doubtless the Copyright Police will beat a path to my desk top - if they're not lurking somewhere in my keyboard already.

Many and genuine thanks to all my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me.

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