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The Age of Aquarius:
February 2005

The Angel: February 2005

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The Angel: Jottings and Celebrations

February 6 may not strike some of you as a particularly significant day in that great catalogue of events which itemises the progress of this world of ours, in all its minute detail.

Nevertheless, enthusiasts for Conspiracy Theory, or Dan Brown, or both, could make a meal out of the fact that 6 February represents, in no particular order:
  • the birth date of Ronald Reagan (he was (joke) President of the USA, if you've forgotten)
  • the anniversary of the death of King George VI, and therefore
  • the anniversary of the Accession of our own dear Queen (that's Brenda, aka Elizabeth, not Camilla)
  • and the birth date of your present author.
The Conspiracy deepens however when you consider that the date is also the Wedding Anniversary of

The Happy Couple

Joan and Stuart Seaton.

This year, they celebrated their 40th Anniversary - A Ruby Wedding, no less.
Congratulations to two stalwart members of the Angel Clan, and
Many Happy Returns.

I hasten to add, incidentally, that, among many other claims to fame, Stuart was a founder member of The Morris Men of Little Egypt
(but he'll probably deny it!).

Other News

  • Ivan Pearson has had a spell in hospital, but is home now. We all wish him very well.
  • Sunday 30 January: The Quiz team played away to the Australian Arms in Haverhill on Sunday, and we drew 69-all; it was a high score. We then won the beer round. The Aussie Arms are top of the league.
  • Wednesday 2 February: The crib team lost 9-6 at home.
  • The Kebab Club has been joined by Fudge. I'm expecting a new range of reports concerning this particularly Angelic tradition
  • Kevin and Paula are a little concerned at the Lenten and dietary habits of a number of regulars - two, to be precise. The till can't take it - or rather, would like to.

Many and genuine thanks to all my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me.

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