Little Egypt Mumming 2014

The Cast of Several

The Little Egypt (previously known as "The Stour Valley") Mumming Tradition spreads across three decades of village life, and is nearly as old as Little Egypt Morris itself.
It is kept alive thanks to the stalwart efforts of scriptwriters, performers, producers and purveyors of fine ale.
2014 proved to be no different.

Mumming Plays generally follow a set format and Little Egypt's version, although adapted to suit local conditions, traditions and ways of causing offence, sticks closely to that format.

Baggie Stephens reports:

Mummer '13 truly was, in my experience, one of the best performances ever, so thank you to each and every one of our players. Alasdair as the slimline Santa, Roger as the noble St. George with Hazel as his comely wife, Neville the ruddy faced Landlord, Dave playing himself with his two concubines Nikki and Mary-from-the-Colonies, Julie as the exotic Cleopatra - with overacting by her asp - and finally Mike as the all too believably sozzled Doctor.
Equally brilliant were our fine musicians who provided the live interludes. Maggie on recorder and unspellable (and almost unplayable) medieval instrument, Ruth on the melodic concertina and Bob, the demon drummer

With the march of technology and the efforts of people like Rockgod Tommo, rather than belabour you with another set of "stills", we can offer you an "as live" version of the 2014 production, so, without more ado, click the link to visit Youtube and enjoy every moment .

Naturally, once the Mumming is done, other activities ensue, like the consumption of more ale, but also at this stage of the proceeding there is usually a further tradition, the annual appearance of Lame Vera Lynn.
Unfortunately, according to Squire, Lame Vera was unable to travel to Glemsford this year as she had been confined to her ward in the hospital in Brighton.
However, by the magic of a satellite linkup the crowd in the Angel was able to see Virtual Vera, or at least her midriff, on the silver screen, and to join in the community singing of "The White Cliffs of Dover" and "Whale Meat Again".

Virtual Vera

Along with the consumption of even more ale, the afternoon was rounded off with short seasonal sets by The Tomettes and The Cranberry Crooners.

Don't they know it's Christmas?

Another perfect day with the Morris.
Happy 2014 to you all.

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