Wind, rain, trees down, power cuts, floods

but not on Boxing Day 2013 in Glemsford

As always it never rains on Little Egypt, so as we gathered in Squire's garden for a little pre-dancing refreshment

I have to wear a bib these days

the sun was shining and the gales had turned into a light but chilly breeze.

The musicians limbered up by offering us some seasonal tunes ...

...while the men limbered up in the Shunters Arms with a few pints of either Augustinian, Growler or Umbel Magna from that fine local brewery once known as Nethergate, now the Growler Brewery.

Carol had provided some fine warming victuals, ably served by two of her grandchildren. Eat, drink, eat, drink until suddenly Squire announced that it was One o' Clock and time to steel ourselves for the long Winster Procession through the thronged streets of Glemsford to the Angel Inn where we were due to dance at - er - One o' Clock.

Typical: they're all out the back getting p*ssed and we're stuck here tuning up  Just don't tell the musicians, or they'll want some 
What's the time, Fred? 9/8, I think

First 'though the traditional trio of toasts. First to Absent Friends, then to the Hoingker and finally to ourselves, Little Egypt.
The band struck up and we were off with people waving to us from their front doors, cheering from their cosy sitting rooms or gesticulating from their cars as the slowly drove behind us.

To Absent Friends!  They're really enjoying this 

A huge crowd was ready to welcome us in the Angel car park in anticipation of an afternoon of unmatched entertainment.

Quick! While they're friendly  Don't stop - they're looking restless 
I'm thirsty  I think it is, but I get confused at Christmas, too 

After 40 minutes of dancing, ending with a well supported Fanny Frail, it was inside the pub for top ups and for the cast of the Mummers Play to get changed for the traditional demonstration of good triumphing over evil, and thank goodness it did!

For a quick look at the Mumming

follow this link

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