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The Angel: December 2004

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The Angel and Around: December 2004.

Yet again, thanks to my regular correspondents for keeping this area of the site alive! And my apologies for being a little late in putting this material on-line

Neil "I'm off to Van Diemen's Land" Porter, ( "'Snapper", that is) , has submitted a few additions and amendments to the previous edition of "I'm In Melford, Get Me Out of Here"

  • Firstly Wardie informs me that his birthday is actually January rather than December.
    He also tells me that he has been invted back to the Yacht Club, but has been advised to wear dinner jacket and dickie bow - presumably they want him to come back to wait tables.
  • Jeff Salter played at the Angel [13 November] -
    a bit slow to get going initially but once he did, and the clientele warmed up/got p*ssed, he hit a mighty groove, tossing out some top quality pub blues-rock with the occasional soul song for good measure.
    High points - Dave Bonner 'playing' rhythm guitar, corking renditions of 'Mustang Sally', 'Rosalie' and 'Freebird'.
  • Present in the assembeld throng:
    Steve and Sue Lazarus,
    Aunty Wainwright,
    Dave Hill, amongst others.
    Notably, a surprisingly quiet Tony Ward (I only recall hearing one f*** from him all night). Amazing!

Thanks, 'Snapper. I hope you've now had all the anti-Fosters injections so necessary for survival in an IPA-free zone.

    Meanwhile, my other correspondent writes:
  • The Angel lost away to the Waggon & Horses on Sunday (14 November) but I don't know the score. Also lost the beer leg.
  • The crib team lost 8-7 away to the Acton Crown (Wednesday 17 November).
    (Rosie tells me it is now a Wetherspoon pub, has been extended and is becoming very popular.)
    The quiz team played the Australian Arms from Haverhill on Sunday 21 November at home, and lost 58-62. Won the beer leg, though.
    We understand the quiz team lost on 28 November, away to the Swan 'B'.
    Unfortunately, there were a lot of food questions, and they had a chef on their team

So: not all Good News then ...

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