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The Angel: January 2005

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The Angel and Around: January 2005

Apologies for another long gap in specifically Angel news. This has been partly due to the festive season, partly to Hurricanes in the Hebrides, but mainly to His Wardship's 60th bash grabbing all the headlines.

If you haven't read about the Big Do, then other comments in the Guestbook will give you an idea of the creature of whom we are talking.

Apart from anything else, I was waiting for full graphic descriptions of the Angel Christmas and New Year festivities.

Neil "I Camped By A Billabong" Porter, ( "'Snapper") , has tendered a few more gems prior to his translation to Terra Australis Incognita, but before I let him loose, I am as ever grateful to Ms A. N. Other, for her submissions.

  • 14 December:
    the Quiz team won 54-52 against Melford Swan, but lost the beer-leg.
    No league table has appeared yet.
    10 January:
    We played the Green Man, Toppesfield, and won. 59 - 53. We also won the beer-leg.
    There has still not been a league table from the quiz organisers, in Wales.
    Say no more.

  • Our recollection of New Year's Eve was enjoyable, sociable, but uneventful.
    The Angel was very busy, with a pleasant, conversation-filled buzz.
    Paula and Kevin laid on a very nice buffet for us all.
    At least the weather was dry for pushing mum up the hill in the wheelchair, unlike last year!
    We have to admit to a terrible faux pas.
    At midnight, we all went round snogging each other, as normal, (no tongues) but forgot to spontaneously sing 'Auld Lang Syne'!
    What were we thinking of?
    All credit to Tess for spotting it and getting us linked up and singing!

    The fun probably started after we left, so over to 'Snapper. I'll be interested to read about what we missed!

  • So Neil "Once A Jolly Swagman, Always A Jolly Swagman" Porter takes up the story:

  • News updates from the last month or so...
    Tom Robinson played at the Angel on December 17.
    A laid back set of vaguely jazzy, bluesy songs plus the odd Beatles and Tom Waits cover made for a chilled out start to the serious build up to Christmas.

    Christmas Eve and the Angel was graced by the now traditional visit of Porcus Rex, playing the usual drunken folk, country, bluegrassy stuff.
    My memory fails as to exact details of the evening for some reason (must have been the medicinal linctus) but feel free to insert adjectives into the live review such as 'raucous', 'enthusiastic', 'fiddle', 'p*ssed', 'large quantities' and 'Porous'.

  • Congratulations to Robert Sippit who got married in the period between Christmas day and New Year.

  • Yes indeed: that romance has featured on these pages for a while now. Heartiest "Well dones!" to both parties.
    We understand you may be starting a trend.

    But still nothing about New Year's Eve proper.
    Ms A.N. Other resumes:

  • You don't appear to have heard much from 'Snapper, which, I can report, may be due to the distraction of his having a lady friend, who was much in evidence last weekend.
    In fact, you'd be hard pushed to get a fag-paper between 'em!

  • No more news and gossip to report, really.

    Except that perhaps we should have welcomedseveral issues ago a young couple, Mark and Emma, to the village, in Egremont Street.
    They moved in/got married about six months ago, and join in enthusiastically with all things "Angelic'!
    Mark plays darts, sometimes plays in the quiz team, etc., etc.
    They have also adopted an elderly dog from Battersea Dogs Home, called Fudge. Aaah.
    Emma is from Sudbury, Mark is from Barking - another invader! Who am I to talk?

Ah! Incomers, incomers. I was one once. Welcome, indeed.

Many and genuine thanks to all my contributors.

Don't forget, anybody can submit News by mailing me.

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