Little Egypt at Rochester, 2004

People Watching, with Tommo and Julie

I don't know; typical Little Egypt; moan about the lack of information and along comes two double deckers full of it. This time, it's thanks to Tommo for a set of pictures.

The students of Morris and photography, and of Morris photography, among you will notice the subtle difference here, in that Tommo's set focuses almost fully on the face of Morris.

Thanks, Tommo.
Now, I would like you to look very closely at the two pictures on the right.

Which is the clone? Which is the original Brian? Which is the original Bangs? Which is whose love-child? Do we really want to know?

Regular readers of this august organ will also recognise the arrival of faces new and, as yet, unheralded.
I hear names like Keith and Andrew being bandied about: could that be one and the same gentleman who kept wicket for Northamptonshire?
I'm still waiting for biographical details.
Or was it Leicestershire?

Tommo admits to liking "photos of people". Sometimes he even manages to get 2 in one go.
It's lovely to see the smile on Bangs face these days, and it is easy to understand why the smile is there.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand how Sir Jukes weedles his way into so many photos.
Am I missing something. Is he really simply spiffingly photogenic?

Answers, please, on a postcard ...

Cleverdon and Sebastian push Jukes hard for the regularity with which they appear in MMLE photos, too.

While the poor old musicians barely get a look in.

Nevertheless, thanks again for the photos, and thanks for all the fun.

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