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Tony Ward Hits 60 - again

at The Angel

(but His Wardship is Not The Only News)
Sippo may upstage him.

Glemsford: The Angel

Late January 2005

Further Photographic Evidence.

As recorded in graphic detail elsewhere, Tony Ward is 60.

I have now received further photographic evidence of the extent of the celebration.

His Wardness has several alma mater in the village so it was not surprising that the celebration should have been spread fairly among them, and at some length.

Thanks to Kevin, landlord of The Angel, I have received this latest set of photos and present them without further comment.
I think they speak for themselves.

I do have evidence however that others were present and enjoying themselves, too:

Kevin himself,Hi! I'm Kevin. Have a drink on me ...

TessI'm here for the cabaret.

and Old Salty PhillipsLaugh? I nearly did ...

But the really big news for this month, now that his Wardfulness has moved into His Majority, is that Robert Sippitt is making a surprise return to the Magical world of Fatherhood.
Congratulations to both Robert and Vicky. As my correspondent wrote: "didn't waste much time did he? - still he's getting on a bit now".
Far be it from me ...

I must however express my apologies for having mis-spelt Robert's surname all these years.
Sippo is so much easier.

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