Little Egypt's "All Bunting and Frolics" Tour of Dorset

and a few pubs


"Meet at 1.30, the White Swan, Swanage".


Neville said "Meet at 1.30, the White Swan, Swanage". Remarkably, almost everyone was there - early!
This fine establishment features the local Purbeck "Piddle Brewery" ales, with the staff wearing T-Shirts emblazoned "Have You Had a Piddle Today?" and "I Love a Good Piddle".

Several men tried the Ringwood bitter first before risking a pint of Piddle.

It tasted a whole lot better than it sounded.

Our first dance of this year's Summer Jaunt was scheduled to take place in Prince Albert Gardens at the site of the "Greek Temple", and it did.
Just a few people were waiting to watch us but as the band started up with one of its fine medleys, curious holidaymakers appeared from nowhere and there was soon a good crowd to witness "Ring O' Bells".
The circular temple floor was laid out with a bullseye and cross pattern and there was much discussion about whether this design might help us dance with straighter lines.

It didn't.

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