Little Egypt in Southwold
- 19 September 2009 -
A Triumphant Return

That yellow sign is left there for a reason. Children are as children do.    We didn't get there last year but for the 2009 calendar "Southwold" was reinstated. The early morning held the promise of a glorious day - at least as far as the weather was concerned.
Once again the excellent Florida Coaches was providing our transport and our driver Murray knew what he was in for as he'd taken us to Rochester earlier in the year. Note the registration number, K5 SUP.
The route to Southwold took us via Hepworth so that Mr Puffy - Sir David Jukes - was able to travel without recourse to his enormously powerful Perodua Persona and the trip was a delight, avoiding the crowded A12 and taking us through some timeless Suffolk countryside. 
Here we are again 
Still standing  They'll get going soon  We arrived just as the Sole Bay Inn was opening.
Squire had been anticipating the lineup of fine Adnams ales from the handpumps and he wasn't disappointed. Bitter, Broadside, Explorer and Regatta were all waiting to tempt the men.
The musicians provided a tune or two and then the men were ready to dance to a fine reception from the ever growing crowd of onlookers. What's more the sweetshop opposite had changed hands and the new owner was considerably more welcoming than the old one.  
Dance? Why? 
The Red Lion  Outside the Lion
A goodly crowd 
Next stop was the Red Lion: a fine pub somewhat let down by insufficient staff numbers and a rather morose landlord; but what it lacked in personal charm was more than made up by its location on the green.
A good crowd showed its appreciation for the dancing and the music.
As the applause died our coach pulled up to take us to the harbour for the traditional Fish & Chip lunch at Mrs T's fine establishment.  
  What's the chance of getting crabs around here?  The men and musicians enjoyed this relaxing break - Mr Cleverdon who'd been enjoying his morning more than most showed signs of subsiding and had to go for a lie down.   I'm still standing 
Lord Nelson  We're still winning  Two venues were listed for the afternoon session, the Lord Nelson and the Swan Hotel where a large crowd gathered in the town square to witness our prowess.
A quiet drink, I said
Low House  Kenchelsea  A short period "at leisure" enabled everyone to take a tea/coffee/beer break before the final treat of the day, a stop at the "Low House" in Laxfield.
Mr. Cleverdon regained consciouness during the journey but sadly on arrival a wedding reception was underway with a jolly rock band pumping out a fair number of decibels so Squire felt that our contribution would have seemed a little unnoticed.
There was nothing else to do but enjoy ...
more beer!  
The King's Head 
    One of the real pleasures of working on a project like this site is the occasional note I receive from spectators at Little Egypt events.
This year's trip to Southwold produced not only some lovely comments but also a brilliant set of photographs.
Doug Alexander has kindly offered them to me to use, which I do with great pleasure and many, thanks.
One example of Doug's work is at the head of this page; another floral extravaganza is just to the left.
There is a whole page dedicated to Doug's contribution: you can get there by following this link.
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