Little Egypt: Firm Favourites at Stansfield's Fête


"Part of a traditonal English summer"
The usual family portrait


Summer 2009 and our fourth year at the Stansfield Fete.
They must like us!
This village fete is one of our favourites. It's traditional and it's well supported.
Stalls selling everything from plants to books, the Tombola, a Grand Draw, Punch & Judy, a Dog Show, a "Best Vegetable" competition plus of course, Little Egypt.

Once again it was a lovely sunny day.
Beer on offer came from the Nethergate Brewery and was exceedingly popular with the men.
The wasps weren't so popular but they had good taste showing a definite preference for the Augustinian Ale.
The Squire was absent - a rare event but he had a family birthday to attend
- but even so there was some fine dancing -
"Lines!" -
while our band did us proud with fine playing and an excellent choice of between-dances tunes.

As the afternoon wore on thoughts turned to other forms of refeshment.
Some chose tea, others an ice cream.
Mr. Bangs who reckons he knows a thing or two about barbecues showed the duty chef just how to cook the perfect banger.
The duty chef showed him where to put it.

With onions and tomato sauce.

Just the way it should be at a perfect village fete.

Watch this space for 2010.  
Walk round!
'Are you nervous?'
You misheard. I didn't say 'I'd like a NINETY nine...'
Music, sweet music ...
Is that the score?
Mm. Made with a tea-bag, I fear.
Look mate, I don't tell you where to put your bells, so don't come 'ere telling me what to do with my bleedin' burgers, ok?
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