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Rochester Sweeps Festival
May 2009

Off we go!  Gosh I'm proud   
Today Rochester, tomorrow the RFH. 

A return to tradition yet a day of difference. Little Egypt journeyed to Rochester 2009 on its usual Saturday outing rather than the Sunday trip we made last year, but our dancing timetable was drastically altered following petitions from some of the men. This year we'd dance right through until 3 p.m. without a significant break, then take the rest of the afternoon to watch some other sides and listen to some of the many pub sessions. The jury is still out on the result.

And I said I prefer orange flars at this time of year, ok?

Once again that fine coach company Florida Coaches transported us in great comfort to our destination - the Gordon Hotel Beer Festival. The ale was tested and found to be in excellent condition so we went along to our first stand of the day, dancing with Bury Fair, Hobos and Wakefield Morris.
Roger the Morris, criticised the previous day for his less than white whites, was resplendent in an altogether glowing kit. We were dancing outside the Eagle Tavern which itself had a mini beer festival under way with a full range of beers from the legendary Nelson's Brewery in Chatham. Many were sampled including Mr Jukes' favourite "Purser's Pussy".

It was during this set that one of our overseas members, John "Plod" Taylor, was able to instruct us in the correct way to dance the Circle of Four.

I'm in charge

He instructed us three times until he got it right - to great applause from Bury Fair.

The next stand was just up the high street outside the Two Brewers. Unfortunately there was live music at colossal volume pouring from a nearby stage so we and the other sides returned to the Eagle - nothing to do with the beer of course - where amongst other dances Mr Bangs organised an excellent massed Upton Upon Severn which filled a great length of the high street to the delight of the large crowd which had gathered for this spectacle. Only one stick broke, to be returned by a slightly annoyed member of the public who had survived near decapitation. This only goes to illustrate the accuracy of Little Egypt's stick work.

At our final stand we met up with Westrefelda where the obligatory massed Ring O' Bells was performed with precision and perfection. A fitting end to the day's dancing as we wandered off to various parts of Rochester to soak up the atmosphere and grab a bite to eat - and drink.

And by way of a strange footnote, Little Egypt danced in a parallel universe at Rochester, watched by none other than Steve "Two Drinks" Clarke, who is shown here accosting the men and accusing Nev of being Nev.
Steve Clarke must not, of course, be confused with Steve Clarke, who is a totally separate being.

As is clear from various episodes of Dr Who and Torchwood, were Steve Clarke to meet Steve Clarke, heaven knows what chaos might be unleashed.
"Swaggering Boney" perhaps?

No: you're NOT

Very impressive! 
Precision and elan: our very motto.  'Ere, did you bring that Risk Assessment with you? 
If anyone else says 'Stick It', I quite likely will.  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Yeah, right. 
There's a first time for everything  'Matron said she'd meet us here half an hour ago, didn't she?' 'Nah. I prefer haddock.' 
I bet you're impressed. I'm from Belgium, you know.  I don't get out much, you see 
There's a lot of them 
Oh yes I am!


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