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Little Egypt have never been shy of embracing new technologies.
Some members of Little Egypt have never been shy of embracing. Full stop.


The result can be heard here, with our grateful thanks to the BBC for allowing us to use their copyright material here.


Thus it was with consummate ease and professionalism that members of the side responded to the call from BBC Radio Essex to appear on their morning programme on Sunday May 3.


Bardwell 2009

Little Egypt, of course, has its own media wizards, previously demonstrated on our archive pages, but also well-illustrated here by self-styled RockGod, Tommo, who still, on occasions, allows himself the gentle come-down of strumming along with the Little Egypt AllStars.
This YouTube footage is all his own work, and provides a gritty view of the reality that is the Morris Men of Little Egypt.

PS It was, despite Tommo's lack of a diary, on May 11, 2009


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