The Morris Men of Little Egypt
May Day 2009

Little Egypt May Day 2009 
It is tomorrow yet? 

The Morris Men of Little Egypt gathered a little later this year - fifteen minutes later - at 5a.m. The idea was that there would be less standing around before the dancing started.

After standing around for some time, the dancing commenced. The sky was already brightening above Stanstead as a light mist kissed the trees in the valley below us. With fine support from our gifted musicians we sped the plough in the hopes of a fine harvest for our local farmers, while the men who were not taking part looked on in rapt attention. After a couple more dances including a massed Vandals we checked our watches so that the traditional Ring O' Bells would conclude just as the sun rose over the hill.
And it almost did, with just a small cloud to throw out our finely honed calculations.

As the sun broke fully through Squire Neville called for the first Kit Inspection of 2009.
You scruffy urchin!
Several men were found to be at fault. Some were rebuked for "stainage" of the kit, another for "wearing the neckerchief at a jaunty angle", along with "badge not completely upright" and "coloured socks". The greatest crime was committed by new man "Roger the Morris" for wearing trousers more akin to the British Motor Corporation's "Old English White", or cream in common parlance. Still, it was his first outing with us, and he has picked up the dances remarkably quickly, so he was forgiven. He'll probably be reminded in full technicolour in ECamel at this year's Christmas Beano.
Mr Dave Hartley was commended for his kit, and for the fact that he'd driven overnight from Belgium just to be with us.

We danced on but at 6.15 Neville declared it was high time we went along to the Angel. Which we did and thanks to Kevin and Paula we all enjoyed a most sumptuous breakfast. Ruth concluded the morning's festivities singing "A Perfect Day".

And it was.

No. It must be Belgium. 
Ah - now I can see you.  Synchronised foot-lifting 
Anyone got any spare matchsticks? My eyes are closing.  Ssh! we'll wake the neighbours. 
Look at my stick! What, at this time?  Right lads. Let's bugger off. 


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