Bough Wow

Little Egypt In Touch With Tradition

7 November 2009

A few words of explanation seem necessary.
A long time ago now, Little Egypt were looking for ways of enjoying themselves, and helping others enjoy the spirit of the Morris, but without becoming slaves to the conventions of others.
Rather than launch an "Ale" as do so many sides, or pretend we're Gaelic-speaking Celts and have a "Ceilidh", we decided that something along the lines of a Barn Dance was a Good Idea.
Researching the Suffolk tradition, we ran across the idea of the "Horkey", the celebration of the end of the Harvest, and decided to adapt it for our own purposes.
Thus began two separate but normally integrated Little Egypt events. The Horkey bash is an (almost but not this year) annual event, an evening of fun, frolics and riotous (but immaculately- controlled) good fun.
The "Dragging of the Bough" relates to an Harvest ritual marking the last load to leave the Harvested fields.
The reason why Little Egypt celebrate an Harvest Traditon in November is lost in the mists of time (another familiar Little Egypt excuse).

Anyway, in 2009, Little Egypt maintained the tradition and touched their caps to their forebears.
As before, I am indebted to Brian "Baggie" Stephens for his pictures and description, and to Bob Farmer and John "I Was Only Dancing" Aldous for their photos.

Lovely day for it 

We've said it before and we'll say it again "It never rains on Little Egypt".

Following a night of torrential rain which put a damper on many a fireworks display, Dragging The Bough Day dawned with a beautiful sunrise and clear blue skies which lasted the whole day.

As is traditional we gathered at Glemsford Parish Church at precisely 10.37 and as is equally traditional we elected our Lord of the Harvest. Keith received the honour this year, with Pat as the Farmer. Terms were agreed and we launched into our first dance, Speed The Plough.

Who'll take the Harvest?
A musical treat 
Who left this here? 
Stomachs in, chest out   
Note the stick precision  Right; we're off 

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