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“The Angel” Glemsford : News and Gossip: September 2004

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Glemsford: September 2004.

·         Olympic Competition (August 28) at The Angel. Some were not very involved in the 'games' due to the rather dull and cool day. 

·         Others had mum & dad 'in tow', so sat inside and ate the barbeque food, which was very good.

·         Later, after taking said parents home, some indulged in 'Olympic' red wine drinking back at the pub, and probably would have won a gold medal, but spilt some down white top. Thank goodness for Domestos!

·         The music on Sunday 29 August was provided by Jeff Slater, and enjoyed by all.

·         Saturday, 5 September, for Mark Corby's party, the Angel rocked, again, to the sound of Tom Robinson again. Hurrah!



Aug. 18th - Home to Clare Ex-Service - Lost 7-8

Aug. 25th - Away to Glemsford Crown - Lost 5-10

Sept. 1st   - Home to Shimpling Bush - WON 9-6

Sept. 8th   - Home to Glemsford Club

         15th  - Away to Hare, Melford

         22nd - Home to Globe 'A', Clare

         29th  - Away to Clare Swan

Oct.  6th   -  Home to Globe 'B'

         13th -  Away to Glemsford, Cock



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