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A further report from the village

Glemsford: September 2004

Glemsford's Village Sign

The Angel and Around: September 2004.

I am delighted to continue receiving details of Life As We Know It within and without the Wonderful Walls of The Angel

My (various) correspondents tell me:

  • Paul Jaques has been a-courting ...
  • Rumour has it that Ken's recent house repainting has received complaints from neighbours on the grounds that its excessive brightness is keeping them awake at night.
  • The crib team continue to maintain 'most typical' form, with nice man Orton in particular being in the receiving end of a few hidings, most notably a couple of 10-5 wallopings
  • The widdly-diddly Irish-influenced band of folk musicians laid on a typically enjoyable session on 15 September, so much so that one customer, determined to drink fizzy water all evening, went to order the first asuch and the words 'small red wine' came out. Unfortunately, this turned into 5 small red wines.
    Apparently nature followed its course. ...
  • Further village news appears on the Local History page

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There is so much to the village that deserves closer examination.

St Mary's Church in Glemsford, by the way, is still some 7000 short in its appeal for funds for vital repairs.

The village has lost enough amenties in recent years let's not lose another.

The appeal is URGENT, and if any of you feels able to contribute now, I'm sure that the Rector, Patrick Prigg would be delighted to hear from you.

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