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Glemsford: News September 2004

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Glemsford: September 2004.

We were very sad to learn of the death of Mrs Ruth Porter of George Lane, in West Suffolk Hospital, on 8 September 2004.
Her funeral took place in the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin on 17 September.
Her loss will be sorely felt by all the family.

With her passing, Glemsford has lost another of those links with its 20th Century past. Arriving in the village as a "Land Girl", and working in the flax industry , Ruth stayed, married and raised her family in the village.

    Grandson Neil adds:
  • Thanks go out to all those people in the community (too many to name individually) for their support and sympathy during a difficult time.
  • Particular thanks go to Tom Lower and his colleagues for his courteous, sensitive, efficient and highly professional service in maing the funeral arrangements
  • and to the Rector, the Reverend Patrick Prigg for his support and excellent service at St Mary's Church

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There is so much to the village that deserves closer examination.

St Mary's Church in Glemsford, by the way, is still some 7000 short in its appeal for funds for vital repairs.

I hope to be carrying fuller details of the Appewal for the repair and restoration of the Church in coming weeks.

The village has lost enough amenties in recent years - let's not lose another.

The appeal is URGENT, and if any of you feels able to contribute now, I'm sure that the Rector, Patrick Prigg would be delighted to hear from you.

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