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St George's Day, 2008


Little Egypt Celebrate in Style - twice


The first of two St George's Day celebrations was held on Sunday 20 April at the Rose and Crown, Hundon.

Belchamp Morris had invited six sides who duly gathered for what promised to be a relaxed lunchtime's dancing.

After limbering up in the bar for half an hour or so Little Egypt was invited to be first on and following the "All New 2008 Programme" we started with Vandals.

With so many sides dancing there was plenty of time for refreshment, in fact each side managed only three dances before the event ended with a massed Ring o' Bells.

That's different!

All in all, a perfect day with the Morris.

The Rose and Crown, Hundon    The bit that matters 
Belchamp - our hosts    Who are this flash-looking mob? 
C'mon gels, show 'em how it's done    Who was it said that this is what Little Egypt do best? 
  He should smile, it's his round   

Our second St George's Day celebration was at the Bury St Edmunds Golf Club on 25 April, where we'd been invited to provide a show for the members at their special Sinjorg's Dinner.

The bar served some decent beer - no dreary G****e K**g *P* but delicious, wholesome Adnams! We knew straight away that the evening was going to be a good one.

Extensive research by the Squire enabled us to perform a set of dances each uniquely connected to St George and deemed appropriate for the occasion.

Unfortunately details elude me now but the audience thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, laughing, groaning and applauding our efforts.

Our final dance, Fanny Frail, had them gasping for more.
'Nuff said?

It's ok, they'll start dancing in the next hour.    If you lot don't listen carefully, I'll get my niblick out. 
Right lads, we're off    I bet Tiger Woods never has this problem 
Is this what they mean by 'addressing your ball'?    Perhaps Mark Twain was right ... 

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