Pinkuah Arms
27 June 2008

"Wherefore art thou Pinkuah?"

What's in a name when you're having fun?

Now: I used to KNOW why it's called the Pinkuah Arms, but I've forgotten the detail.
What I can recall is that it had something to do with a father of daughters running out of/ getting bored with suitable names back in the 17th Century ... and I certainly don't think it had anything to do with "The Pink House", which is one explanation I found by Googling.

Anyway, Pinkuah, Pink You Are, or Pincc'us matters not a jot when Little Egypt are about.

It's the dance, stupid.
As always, thanks to Baggie Stephens for these details.

Lovely spot for a dance.

Is Pentlow ready for this? 

We hadn't visited the Pinkuah Arms for a couple of years - during much of that time the pub has been undergoing restoration under the direction of the new owners, and what a great job they've done.

Inside, the bar is much the same as before but the whole place has been opened up to provide a much more airy and spacious feel.

Gone is any trace of beer by Greene King and instead some excellent local ales are on sale.

The night we were there Nethergate IPA and Suffolk County were available, and very nice they were too.

There's food too.

We had a very pleasant evening, performing a good range of dances from the "All new 2008 programme", sampling the ales from our "Gallon Jug" and enjoying some excellent hospitality in the form of sandwiches and chips.

A great way to spend a summer's evening.

It's them. They're out of time 
The Beijing closing ceremony had nothing on this  I say, I say, what do you call a band made up of a box and three fiddles? I don't know, what do you bla bla. Bloody noisy. 

Whaddya mean 'There's no space for a Rock God'?
Oh yes, and Tommo came too.

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