Little Egypt's Boxing Day - 2008

A Separate but Integrated Tradition - The Mummers

Following the Flamencista Sisters' dancing we gave the audience time to warm up at the bar whilst the cast readied themselves for the afternoon's performance of the Mummers Play.

Written this year by Crawford it contained many traditional elements and characters, with a couple of contemporary additions - Dr. Boris Johnsonoff and Barack Obama.

Even though Kevin had provided a nice warm indoor room in which to change and apply makeup, some chose the decidedly chilly barn instead.

Opening fanfares and on came St Stephen.

There were bitter words, several fights, a fire breathing dragon and a note of caution at the end from Beelzebub.

A fine performance by our fine cast and much appreciated by the audience.

I say, do you sell Babycham?  Look our Maigret, I'm going for double tops 
Some people'll do anything to get themselves noticed  I don't have to do this you know, I'm really a Rock God 
I am NOT being sulky  Our public demand this! 
Scary. The stuff of nightmares. Who wrote this stuff anyway?  I did. Who's asking? 

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