May Day 2008

And the seasons they go round and round

Sleeping Stansted could not know what was in store
Look! It says here! I'm in charge, ok?

We'd already limbered up with a couple of St George's Day events the previous week, one at the Rose and Crown, Hundon and the other at the Bury St Edmunds Golf Club, but 1st May is the date that truly marks the start of the Little Egypt dancing out season.

Once again we gathered at 4.45 a.m. at Park Farm ready for what we hoped was going to be a clement morning.

Squire Neville displayed the "All New 2008 Dancing Programme" and reminded us that Ring o' Bells would not this year be our automatic choice of opening dance.
Indeed, it was Vandals which took this honoured place.

New man Tim displayed his freshly learnt skills for the first time in public, even though his kit lacked certain Morris essentials.
Banbury Bill followed, and as as you'll see from the photographic evidence the two Johns, Bangs & Suttle, moved like lightning - too fast for the camera to capture every exquisite detail of their foot and hanky work.

Ring o' Bells was chosen to greet the sunrise, this year timed at 5.33 a.m., and sure enough as the dance came to its thrilling conclusion the sun dutifully appeared over Stansted.

We had recently been taught by Westefelda a new dance "Gypsy Roundhouse" and as a warm up for Rochester we tried it out. Not bad in fact, but the sun disapproved and promptly hid behind some clouds.

By 6 a.m. we'd danced enough and anyway it was time for breakfast which this year was provided by Kevin and Paula at the Angel Inn.
It was excellent and set everyone up for the day ahead.
Thank you K & P!

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2008 Dancing Programme

Go on! Who's idea was it to get here 2 hours early? Honest! My Sinclair ZX80 said sunrise was 0255 today. Do you think there might be something wrong with its calendar? 
Look! Who's following whom? At this time of the morning it's best to keep moving. 
I said: 'AfFTER I whistle', not whenever you like. I bet we look even better in close up, don't we? 
Here we go again, lads.
Smile! It's nearly time to wake up.

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