The Morris Men of Lilttle Egypt

Celebrating the Season

Our Annual Horkey Barn Dance

The joint was really rocking.

All my own work 

Glemsford had been postered, flyered and ads placed in big circulation magazines - no-one had any excuse for being unaware of Little Egypt's annual Horkey Barn Dance on 15th November.
The Angel Inn had been selling tickets as had members of the side and despite a miserable drizzly evening outside we had a great crowd inside the elegant and atmospheric surroundings of the village hall.
Doods had spent his morning installing mood lighting and apart from a few who'd forgotten their spectacles the effect was agreed to be superb.

As usual Mark Mikurenda had travelled from darkest Dorset to take on the role of caller and he was supported by Little Egypt's excellent band of musicians.
The bar - "Nev's Bar" - was staffed by two connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages, Neville (of course) and Dave Jukes.
Fine ales from local brewery Mauldon's were on sale along with fine wines and "fruit based drinks for the ladies".

The first dance saw a relatively small group of dancers on the floor, the rest claiming they "hadn't had enough to drink yet". They soon had.

All to soon it was time for the buffet which was followed my the Mens' demonstration set. They gathered at the bar, sticks ready, to come on to the strains of Bob's penny whistle and "Yankee Doodle Dandy".
Then it was time for the Horkey Stomp.
The men had been practising for weeks, the Squire had given a full last minute briefing but still one or two at the far end set off in the wrong direction.
Never mind, they all got off in time for the Barn Dancing to recommence. By 11.30 everyone was exhausted, but Mark insisted on one final dance and everyone joined in before they fell over.

200 pints of beer, several bottles of wine, certain l*g*rs and ciders had been consumed, the food plates looked as though they'd suffered a locust attack.

All in all another **** night with the Morris

I'm 88, you know. 
I haven't travelled all this way to be messed about by you lot ...  Can you hear me? 
We're from The Management, y'know  3 pints and a coke? That'll be 17.37, please. 
Let me show you the way, m'dear  That's  more like it 
Now - let's get this right - you're telling us we're meant to DANCE?  What? With sticks and everything? 

Little Egypt's Horkey tradition:

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  • Background Music: "Rakes of Mallow"
  • Sequenced by John Renfro Davis
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