As far as the eye can see 

Glorious Glemsford

10 May 2008


A Celebration of a Wonderful Suffolk Village


"Glorious Glemsford" was a weekend of celebration of a most fantastic Suffolk village, and as the resident Morris Men, Little Egypt was invited to dance on Saturday 10th May, 2 p.m. on Church Green.

  Meet outside the church
Have you heard the one about the squire and the gargoyle? Not another new dance for 2008, surely? 
A fine but melancholy place 

In order to prepare ourselves for the severe scrutiny of our fellow residents we met up at 12.30pm in the Crown public house in Brook Street.
Sadly, a little used hostelry these days but what a wonderful place with a delightfully unspoilt interior and fabulous garden out the back.
The IPA was in fine condition and much enjoyed before we walked along the public footpath to the church.

The green was host to an exhibition of classic cars and motorbikes, while inside the church many of Glemsford's clubs and societies had set up stalls.

Doods had been seasoning some new sticks - winter cut of course - and these came out for a test run. They were a bit springy, especially when struck by one of the classic sticks, and the end fell off mine. Nevertheless the fine display of dancing was not affected - the show went on.

Off we go again 
I'd like to volunteer Captain Mainwaring 

Once we'd finished, there was one final treat, a trip to the top of the Bell Tower. St Mary's Glemsford is an imposing church situated atop a hill, so the views from the tower were spectacular. It has been said, but never proved as far as I know, that a 19th century rector claimed that on a clear day the masts of the ships in Harwich Dockyard were visible. Not on Saturday they weren't.

It is also said to be the second highest point in Suffolk. Ed.

Sadly our plans to dance on top of the tower were thwarted by an official who claimed that the roof structure was not strong enough, so we contented ourselves with spotting various village landmarks.

Tea and cakes in the sunshine - yes tea and cakes - ended a perfect day.

Does it count as a loadbearing structure, or is it just a load of bells? 
I'll give 'em attitude
You'd better believe it!

Making another welcome appearance in the Celebration were another part of the new Glemsford tradition, Los Flamensisters, aka Little Spain.
As always, they performed with expertise and, as they say themselves, Attitude.

Try that again and I'll have your castanets for garters

Even Lionel Messi can't match our movements 

So: yet again, Glemsford proved that it has no equal in Suffolk villages, combining a wealth of beautiful and historic places with the life of a breathing, growing community. A great place to be.


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