Little Egypt: The Second Crusade

Day, the Third, in which our heroes Feast on the Fat of the Land

Fils d'une chienne! Il fait chaud. 
Well - here we are 

Could the trip get any better? Of course it could - there was still a weekend of over-indulgence to come.

Saturday 14 June

An early start for a trip to the village of Villeneuve Minervois where we were to dance in the main street by the fountain.

A good number of villagers were curious enough to come and see the mens' sticks - indeed one village dog took such a liking to John Bangs' stick that he ran off with it, hotly pursued by the owner with an even larger stick of her own.

Lunch was in the adjacent Auberge with three enormous courses of delicious local food washed down with an ample sufficiency of red, white and rosť wine.

During the return journey we were woken from our slumbers in order to visit the Domaine de Fourn, one of many producers of the local sparkling wine "Blanquette de Limoux". Following a tour and explanation of its production several bottles were opened for tasting.

An exhausting day but not yet over, for now it was back to the hotel for a quick change into formal attire for the evening's Gala Dinner at the Surf & Turf - sorry the Terre et Mere restaurant.

Four colossal courses were served along with copious quantities of red, white and rosť wine.

A hanky dance was demonstrated to the four remaining patrons - the rest having been scared off earlier by several squeezebox solos and a speech from Mr Jukes.

Initial scoffing turned to sheer terror as they were invited to have a go themselves, which they did before attacking another bottle of Pastis.

The Squire gave a fine speech in the character of Cyrano de Glemsford, and we all retired somewhat bulkier than we'd started the day.
Touch my stick again, and I'll have your bellows ... 
I'm sure I saw someone with no hair somewhere - have you any idea?  This'll fox 'em 
This can only be France  If we keep quiet, perhaps they won't notice us 
One day, Bangsy, all of this could be yours  Rows and rows of promise 
Don't ask me, they just appeared overnight. And they haven't started curling yet.  Hey, nev, does your medical insurance cover you for a nasty case of Chives? 
I wonder if Nev's noticed  Another day, another cellar 
So I told him the horse wasn't fit for work  Does my camouflage look big in this? 
What?  I've heard of double-croissant, but this is ridiculous

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