Little Egypt: The Second Crusade

Day, the Second, in which our heroes sample again the fruits of many vines

When we've finished this, we'd better get ready for breakfast 
Well - here we are again

The first day of the Crusade had been a resounding success, but was only a prelude to greater triumphs, as news and alarums of Little Egypt's presence spread far across le Pays d'Oc

Friday 13 June

Market day in Limoux meant that some of the clearer headed members of the side were able to make an early start at spending their Euros.
Then it was off to the day's first venue, the Domaine Gayda winery for tasting, dancing and lunch.

The food was delicious and in reasonably small portions, just right for lunchtime. A quail's leg goes down a treat with some fine local vin.

Then back to Limoux where, despite a light shower, we danced in the main square the Place de la République. Diners sheltering under pavement awnings shouted their encouragement - at least we think that's what they were shouting - and then it was time to cross the ancient Pont Neuf to the other side of town, Le Petite Ville, where we were offered aperitifs before dancing to open the Aragou Fête.

Then we were transported to Carcassonne for some eating, drinking and sightseeing - well we did see the walls of La Cité beautifully illuminated.
Admire the hydraulics, Sir Jukes 
Normally, I don't let the stuff touch my lips  Where's René? 
Martin doesn't appreciate the side effects of belling-up  Sous les parapluies de Limoux 
Danger de mort! Slippery sticks pendant 'Les feus d'août'  Au clair de la lune

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