Little Egypt

Christmas Dinner 2007

Another Event to Remember

Mr and Mrs DuPree
Mr and Mrs Stow
Mr Parry and Elf

As always, our cameras and reporters were at the annual Little Egypt shindig in Long Melford. Their report is featured to the right.

This year's event took place on 8 December.

Tradition was again flouted by the increasing number of participants who found it necessary to engage in ridiculous levels of fancy dress, some even resorting to bow ties, for heaven's sake.

Notable features of the occasion included Tommo's appearance as Nev's Passepartout, and the re-appearance of Bangs's beard - or is that Greg clean-shaven?



Our second year at the Bull, Long Melford and this time a larger if less atmospheric room for our supper. We gathered in a sort of marquee which covered the courtyard and contained a very fine firkin of Batemans XXXX bitter. As tradition dictates Christmas Carols were sung, alcohol was consumed and snaps were taken.

Mr Wilkinson poses for our cameraman Mr DuPree demands service of our hard-worked bar staff

As a bonus our very own Enos sisters (Julie, Ruth & Hazel) gave an extremely fine performance of "Gaudete".

At last we were called for our Christmas Supper and we moved into the dining room where the Little Egypt Choral Society (Ruth, Julie, Brian & Tommo) welcomed the food with a stunning "Boar's Head Carol".

Before ... ... after
Three courses later it was time for a little after dinner entertainment.
The Enos Sisters returned with a contemporary beat number, "Lollipop", which, unknown to the performers, was recorded by Stansted Video for later transmission on YouTube.

Then the main event of the evening - ECamel.
Laughter and tears, embarrassment and humiliation resulted as the Squire led us through a photographic presentation of another fine year with the Morris.

The Two Faces of Bangs At trough

It was intended that more ritual humiliation would follow with the annual initiation ceremony but sadly, and despite best laid plans, the clock beat us and it was almost time for carriages and pumpkins.

Ah well, there's always next year!

Isn't there Terry?

But before that,
don't miss the next appearance of Little Egypt at
the "Black Lion", on Boxing Day, @ 12.30 p.m.,
to be followed by the Stour Valley/Little Egypt Mummers,
with their traditional performance of a folk tale,
to be followed by lots of other Fun, Games and Frivolity



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