Little Egypt's Traditional Day Out: Southwold 2007

I'm making no comment whatsoever

A trip that gives the Squire immense pleasure

(because, of course, it's his home town)

The day was fine and sunny as we set off in our Florida Coaches luxury charabanc. A swift journey meant that, shock! horror! we arrived about twenty minutes before opening time, but this gave the men time to acclimatise to the sea air, the low altitude and the extremely stiff breeze. Hats were firmly clamped to heads - in most cases.

As tradition has it, our first visit was to the Sole Bay Inn where most dancers sampled the delights produced by Adnams, some a pint of Regatta, others opting for Broadside. The Squire was a bit on the drag having had to confirm numbers for the Fish 'n' Chip lunch, so a pint was ordered on his behalf. A pint of Tally Ho! - a mere 7% abv. It seemed to slip down well and soon Ian was in the bar getting one for himself.

Next a new venue for LE, the Lord Nelson. Squire's megaphone kept the audience informed and the men in hand and after some spirited dancing we were back on traditional course with a stop at the Red Lion. Despite the onshore wind there was a sizeable and appreciative crowd to encourage us in several more dances before lunch.

The fish 'n' chips lived up to expectations by being absolutely delicious and sustaining. Only one man missed out. Ian had stayed in the coach to sleep off the Tally Ho!

Our final Southwold venue was the town square, where we met Chelmsford Morris just finishing their set. After our first dance a large group of European students who had been watching asked if they could "have a go". Always eager to oblige, Squire invited them to inspect the girth of his stick and join us in Vandals which turned out to be remarkably successful and made an entertaining and memorable end this year's seaside jaunt.

As we boarded the coach we had one final treat in store, a stop off at the St. Peters Brewery.

A perfect summer evening ending another pretty good day with the Morris.

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First one of the day lads ... but by no means the last
Where did I put my hat ... My head hurts
Random is our middle name Elegance comes third
Anyone seen any dancers? ... I think you're looking in the wrong place
After a couple of these I'm ready for anything. Follow me lads
I said, follow me! See? I always win this game
He's my bestest friend, he is Ish there a buffet car on thish train?  

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