Big Jim and the Twins

Little Egypt Celebrate the Summer Solstice: 2007

A timeless scene

Ominous grey clouds over Glemsford were not encouraging and a series of sharp showers en route gave even less hope for a perfect 21st June evening, yet as we drew up outside the Hawkedon Queen the rain had ceased and the clouds were parting to let the sun shine through.

The big decision for the men was which of the fine ales on offer should be quaffed first.

Our guests Westrefelda, Green Dragon and the Haverhill Harlots soon arrived and it was dancing, dancing, dancing (and drinking, drinking, drinking) until the official sunset time was confirmed by Squire's chronometer.

The straw man had been brought out of storage following his previous appearance at the Annual Horkey Dance, and a virgin was procured by the pub landlord to lead the procession towards the bonfire and the lighting of faggots for the final conflagration.

The straw man served us well and to the cries of small children "look his nuts are on fire" the Hawkedon sky was lit with a glorious rosy glow.

Another c**p Solstice with the Morris.

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