The Morris Men of Little Egypt

Acknowledging our Patron Saint

Decked in flags

Dancing for Sinjorj Day, 2007

The side assembles 
In the developing Suffolk controversy
- St George or St Edmund, King and Martyr -
it has to be said that Little Egypt has several feet in both camps.

After all, the Little Egypt/Stour Valley Mummers have long maintained the Christmas tradition of the play in which Sinjorj (as he is affectionately known) saves all and sundry.

But equally, the Mummers have also produced our own local version of the tale in which St Edmund, brutally slain by the Devious Danes or Vicious Vikings, becomes the Resurrected Hero.

So, when the suggestion was made that Sinjorg, in reality a foreign imposter himself, should be replaced as Patron Saint by St Edmund, Little Egypt could smile sweetly and say "We don't really mind".
Swing yer partners 
For England and ... 
Meanwhile, however, even if Suffolk has swung to St Edmund, as long as Sinjorg remains the official English patron, we shall Dance his Day, as we did this year, on April 23, as usual.

The evening was balmy, the men were their usual selves. Landlord Ian - seen to be really enjoying himself behind the bar - had laid on some Mauldon's "St George's" ale for the evening, and very fine it was too.

An appreciative but select audience had gathered to watch the dancing start prompt at 8 p.m., and really enjoyed the men's performance of the first dance, "Ring O' Bells", which got underway at 8.23.

After an hour's strenuous dancing which included "Jenny Lind" and "Sweet Jenny Jones", a vigorous "Upton-Upon-Severn" Stick Dance with no injuries, and an incendiary rendition of "Dragon's Fire" (known to other sides as "Fires of August"), the company retired into the Black Lion for a splendid evening of Going Ahead.
Hold on to your hats 
You're getting the idea ...  What do you mean 'It's not fair'?  I reckon we're better off out of it ... 
Stunning solo singing performances by Frederick, Ruth and Terry were matched by the vocal trio "The Enos Sisters" (Julie, Hazel & Ruth) singing the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", and "Bright Morning Stars" from the "Three Degrees Under" (Ruth, Julie & Brian). Sandy fiddled spectacularly, the whole side joined in with "South Australia", "High Barbary", "Pleasant and Delightful" and many more, whilst Bill gave us a brief but cheeky song which I can only assume comes from the Jake Thackray canon.
Who's this bloke George anyway?  Hey Ruth, you've pinched my drink.  Don't ask me, they just turn up and demand food every week. 

Little Egypt spotters will, incidentally, note that, because Sinjorj Day comes before May Day, Little Egypt danced in "Horkey" gear, since their neatly-ironed and newly-starched white uniform had to be kept pristine for those celebrations.

All in all a St. George's Day to remember.

And it was especially good to welcome again founder members John Aldous and Peter Ford to the celebrations.

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