A Typical Little Egypt Event

- a Village Family Day -

Shimpling: June 9 2007

This is the way, m'dear Follow me under the washing 

It was one of those rare and delightful English Summer afternoons as we met at the Bush in Shimpling to prepare for a new venue for us at Shimpling village hall for the Shimpling Family Day.
Indeed it was the first time the village had held such an event and Little Egypt was honoured to be invited to provide the "entertainment"!

The beer may have been canned but the men were sober (morris sober that is) as they launched into the first set.
It all seemed very fitting for what turned out to be a classic village fete and the visitors showed their appreciation in the time honoured way.
Luckily the St John's Ambulance crew were on hand.

During the interval a scratch team of local handbell ringers gave a fine rendition of some traditional tunes, and the afternoon ended with several Shimplingians joining us for the Special Molly dance.

In all it was Pleasant and Delightful.

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Is anybody out there? Such poise, such fluidity of movement, such professionalism
A wistful tune on a sumer breeze ... made rowdy by beating one of these
It's a lot easier than pulling a rope Did you really say
That's it! Just imagine I was a pneumatic drill. M'dear - just imagine we were a-strolling under the apple blossom
... and off we go And now it's our turn 

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