The Morris Men of Little Egypt

Greeting Another May

The side assembles

- and another dancing season -

2007: the tradition is maintained

Look: if we stand around like spare parts it'll never get light.  Lo, what light from yonder ...  I hope Baggie remembered to renew our personal injury insurance 
Ever since its creation, Little Egypt has greeted May Morning. Almost always, this has been at Park Farm.

May Day 2007 was so unlike the previous year,
it was the perfect morning for Dancing In The Dawn.
No mist, no cloud, no rain and no thunder and lightning.
Instead the sky was clear with just a hint of purple heralding the coming dawn.
As usual we gathered at 4.30 a.m.
There was a rather brisk breeze, hence the need for liquid fortification, and ten minutes later the whole side launched into - well, you know the one.
When's yours due?  Peter Ford had told us that the previous morning the sun had come over Stanstead hill at just after 5.30 a.m. so with the Squire's uncanny sense of timing, Vandals was started just before that time so that, as the sun peeped over the hill, the dance was coming to its thrilling conclusion.
Don't laugh - it worked!
There'll be a good harvest this year if the magic is working properly.
I ironed my whites specially.  Right folks, we've got a majority - how's about we take over?  My hankies have been starched, too 
Pretentious? Just call me Lichfield    The bucolic dream? 
As can be seen, the occasion lent itself to a superb celebration of the season, as well as the photographer's art ...  I find it's easier with my eyes closed  Sticks, hankies, fancy footwork, impeccably timed clashes and some fine musicianship created a wonderful atmosphere and a truly memorable morning.  
Such lyrical perfection    What could be better? 
I'm in charge ... any questions?  See? We said you'd enjoy it.  I always get twitchy at about this time 
Well, rock my bazouki 'til the sun shines in the sky  As always there was a fine turn out for the occasion. Newcomers Terry and Sue, playing extraordinarily good fiddle, celebrated their first May Dawn with Little Egypt.

At the other end of the scale, Pip joined the side for possibly the last time before her translation to the homeland of near-the-Angel-of-the-North.

Tommo was there too, in between gigs.
Purely medicinal, you'll understand 
Do you think yellow is a good colour for a Rockgod?  Blow on as though they're not there  I find gloves do work wonders 
Careful, now. No protective gear  To echo Baggie Stephens's words, there was some excellent dancing, including a stirring rendition of the "Fires of May", so appropriate for these times of global warming, with Phoebus at her zenith, it seems.   Health and Safety should do a risk assessment 
I don't believe this!  Not only was the dancing good, it also took Little Egypt on to new ground. The photo on the left demonstrates a Very Unusual occurrence:
look carefully, and you'll notice that ALL the feet are off the ground, AND at the same time.

And, of course, after the dancing was done, the Side repaired to the Black Lion for a sumptuous breaking of the fast, courtesy of Jackie and Ian.

With all the talking of new ground, newcomers and departures, it would be very wrong to leave a successful May morning behind without saying "many, many thanks" to our hosts at the Black Lion who, in all probability, will have moved on by the time another Dawn is Danced.

Thank you both. May the spirit of Little Egypt ever go with you.
The perfect finish 
  I don't suppose they're serving Guinness   

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