Au Revoir, Jackie & Ian

Tuesday 28 August - not Ian and Jackie's very last night which was the following day, but tradition is important and Tuesdays have always been Black Lion Nights for Little Egypt.

For the occasion Jackie and Ian were in front of the bar, joining us for some fine going ahead and drinking. We had songs and music from almost everyone present and some rousing choruses during "South Australia".

Did we dance? Of course we did, using fine Black Lion cutlery in place of sticks due to the low height of the pub's beamed ceilings.

Knives don't quite have the impact of a pair of clashed seasoned sticks, and "look at my fork" sounds just a little bit, let's say, limp wristed, but everyone themselves including the civilian patrons who were generous with their applause.

Ian joined us for a dance or two as befits an almost-ex-landlord member of the side, and Jackie rustled up some delicious spiced chicken for the men to feast on.

It was a grand evening.

Jackie and Ian, we'll miss you as our favourite landlords and thanks once again for your enduring support of the Morris.

It is, though, as hinted earlier, only "au revoir" since Ian continues as a member of the side and Jackie is now an "honorary member" since she plans to turn out for as many of our dates as she can.

Mine's a pint...

Brian "Baggie" Stephens

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